Firstly what is Bobath….well it is the underlying platform of neurological physiotherapy treatment. It was first developed in the 1940’s by Berta Bobath and it has continued to be develop and enhanced over the years.

The Bobath concept is defined as;

“An inclusive, individualised, problem solving, living concept based on a systems approach to motor control, with particular emphasis on movement analysis and motor recovery from the perspective of integration of postural control task performance and contribution of sensory inputs” Vaughan-Graham et al 2014

The International Bobath Instructors Association provide a progressive training program of courses and I have been lucky enough to attend a couple of excellent weekend and 4 days courses before. However I have been wanting to attend the 3 week Basic Bobath course for a number of years now and have never quite been able to make it due to several reasons. However in November 2016 I was lucky enough that the stars aligned and I flew to Melbourne to complete the first 2 weeks of the course before we have a consolidation period of 6 weeks to then attend the last week of the course in January 2017.

With 1 week down I can not start to express how awesome it has been! It has been intense, awe inspiring, incredibly grounding to the point where I wonder what on earth have I been doing all these years, and has stoked the fire inside me to be the best neurological physiotherapist I can possibly be even more than it was before.

Days are packed with theoretical knowledge, underpinning neuro anatomy and physiology to mind boggling depths, expert demonstrations by the incredible Kim Jennings and Janet Stevens, practicals and hands on patient treatment sessions. I have learnt so much its difficult to know where to start, however to give you a glimpse, I have been recording a reflective log at the end of each day…… sit back and enjoy……