This month’s gold star is awarded to Lynn for her hard work, dedication, and pushing herself out of her comfort zone.  She has improved her ability to get in and out of her wheelchair, strength and selective movement.

Lynn was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2007 and has been using a power wheelchair since Christmas-time 2019. Lynn’s biggest battle is her spasticity which limits her ability to stand, to walk, and to selectively move her limbs. Over the past two months Lynn has dedicated herself to a physiotherapy rehabilitation programme working on her strength, and functional mobility.

Lynn’s tenacity and motivation to maintain her independence is extremely inspiring and it’s been a real pleasure working with her. She has pushed herself, to be able learn a new transfer technique, and has worked hard on ways to help manage her spasticity.

The truely amazing thing about Lynn is her attitude and perseverance. She has kept an open mind throughout, trying new things regularly even when they made her feel uncomfortable. Lynn’s drive to maintain her independence and self-manage her MS is inspiring. She is consistently working on her physiotherapy programme, and also has been open to new equipment or other things that may help her.

Lynn’s dedication has paid off. She has found a new transfer technique ensuring she can get in and out of her wheelchair with more ease, spent more time in the day standing to keep the length and strength of her muscles, and found a way to move and stretch her right upper limb more without any help. Also, over the past couple of months, we have been incorporating many sensory and movement exercises in to help manage her spasticity including: trialing two different types of seated passive and/or active bikes, TENS, sensory stimulation and vibration platform, which have had some

promising results.

When I asked Lynn what advice she would give someone in a similar situation she said:

“Look at all the areas of your life, put a plan in place and try to build a team of people around you that covers all your needs, ideally the best you can get.”
“Give everything a go, don’t decide it won’t work, try it and then decide. Challenge yourself.”
“Try to live in the moment and don’t look too far ahead. Be prepared to adjust, modify, change things as you change. Remember you’re here for a good time, not a hard time so be kind to yourself.”
“Don’t wait for life to be easier or different to be happy.”

Lynn has developed a daily programme that works really well for her, including: Regular massage and range of movement exercises, regular vibration platform, regular TENS, daily physiotherapy exercises, and she also volunteers at a school near by. To achieve this, Lynn has been able to apply her funding for support from Taikura trust to not only carer support at home but also some accredited services, including Neurological Physiotherapy sessions.

Lynn is excited to get back into the clinic for some Rex Bionic sessions in the near future too!

Congratulations Lynn on all your hard work!