After nearly 4 fantastic years in Australia it is time to return back to Auckland – New Zealand, not my original home however it is by far my second home and I am super excited to be returning back with my partner for great new adventures in this beautiful country.


Australia has provided me the opportunity to progress my neurological physiotherapy career at a exponential rate, we specifically left NZ for me to take up a full time senior neurological physiotherapy role at the Advance Rehab Centre. Which is the leading neurological physiotherapy provider NSW and mostly Australia. The opportunities to work with excellent leading neurological therapists and equipment lead to me developing a role as the Clinical Educator of the centre. While there I assisted in the development of PD Warrior – an innovative Parkinson’s disease approach using neuroplasticity principles to slow the progressive disease down, this lead on to me founding, developing and running MS Get a Head Start – an innovative high intensity 6 week hydrotherapy program focusing on self management for Multiple Sclerosis. I also trained in several other therapy approaches and technological devices.

In 2013 I started the initial work on Connect Neuro Physiotherapy (CNP) which officially launched in 2014 and has gone from strength to strength. With the move back to NZ, CNP is now a Neurological Physiotherapy Consulting business offering a range of services. I had some great success with running educational evening lectures both in Australia, NZ and the UK over the last 2 years and was kindly asked to present my first full day course on the “Innovative rehabilitation management of Multiple Sclerosis” to the South Australian Country Health Services – which was a storming success and has lead to this course being our first full day educational course, closely followed by the Neuroplasticity half day workshop.

I was also asked to assist in the development of the University of Technology of Sydney, Masters of Physiotherapy program and accreditation process, and we are hoping for the program to be launched in February 2017. Which has been an amazing experience to impact how grass roots physiotherapists are taught.

All of this and much more has combined and resulted in being awarded the 2015 Ipsen Australian Physiotherapy Association special commendation to Neurological physiotherapy – which has been the perfect icing on the cake.

But now onto New Zealand……However being largely based online and the ability to travel this will not effect any of the current and future opportunities for those based in Australia or around the world.

Keep your eye on the website and social media feeds to keep up to date with all the latest opportunities not only for an individual living with a neurological condition but also any health professional working within the neurological therapy world.