Parkinsons Disease

GOLD STAR AWARD – JULY 2021 – Unfreezing Gait Patterns

July's Gold Star Award goes to Bernard this month for his achieving some fantastic changes in reducing the freezing of gait episodes he was experiencing. Freezing of Gait - often referred to as FOG, commonly occurs when an individual is dual tasking. Dual tasking is when a person is processing environmental information, and/or cognitive information [...]

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Parkinson’s……Why Wait?

Parkinson’s Disease is a neurodegenerative disorder which means a disorder that develops due to loss of brain cells over time. It specifically affects cells in the Basal ganglia which is the part of the brain that modulates movement. Traditionally, medication is the most common form of treatment for those with Parkinson’s Disease, however there is [...]

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In Press – Dual Tasking in Parkinson’s Disease

I was recently interviewed regarding my thoughts on dual task training in Parkinson's Disease for New Zealands Parkinson's Society  regular newsletter. I highlighted the fact that people with Parkinson's will have an increased difficulty of dual tasking due to the increased demand on dopamine in the brain. Dopamine is a vital neurotransmitter (hormone) that is [...]

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LSVT- BIG Homework Helper video now available online

LSVT- BIG - an intensive amplitude based rehabilitation approach to Parkinsons Disease has now made its homework helper video available online. Which is a great way to access your exercises and keep you motivated to perform them daily. Now this video is for those who have completed the intensive LSVT-BIG program which is 16 one [...]

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